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What exactly are compressed air systems and what is their utility in the automotive industry?

Post by Pat O'Neill, May 28, 2019, Products

Champion Compressors

Compressed air is an essential utility in the automotive industry. It’s required in all stages of body repairs, including vehicle assembly, disassembly, painting, and cleaning. An automotive repair business can’t function without it. Air compressors are a valuable asset in local auto body repair shops. They’re effective in increasing productivity and safety.

Before compressed air systems, the automotive industry was run entirely by skilled manpower. Since then, computers and automated technologies have dramatically changed the automotive industry. The automotive industry still needs manpower, but it’s now moved toward disassembling/reassembling components that automated technologies can perform at a much faster pace.

Most auto body shops and garages used compressed air systems for a number of jobs: to clean, dry, and decontaminate, inflate tires, run power grinders, nibblers and sanders as well as achieve a perfect paint finish while working on vehicles. Air ratchets can help remove nuts and bolts. It makes the task easy for anyone to perform, unlike traditional wrenches. Cutting and grinding metal can also be achieved with the help of small air-powered saws. It’s used primarily to install side panels, door pillars, quarter panels, and roof pieces during vehicle disassembly and reassembly. Before painting vehicles, auto body painters thoroughly check for any kind of defects or damages. Afterward, compressed air helps in both cleaning and painting.

An air compressor is an essential tool for an auto repair shop. However, no compressor offers a one-size-fits-all solution. The best choice depends on, what you’ll use the compressor for, and other specifications. Chesapeake Automotive Equipment provides Champion compressed air systems at a competitive price without sacrificing the quality.

Since 1919, Champion air compressors have been made in the USA. With all this experience in designing and manufacturing compressed air systems, Champion knows and understands the application of our products in many different operating environments. Champion is part of Gardner Denver, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered products. To learn more about Champion Air Compressors, please visit https://www.gardnerdenver.com/en/industries/automotive.

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