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Coats Rim Clamp 70X Series Tire Changer (70XH1) $4,500


Best-in-Class External Clamping Range

X Series Tire Changers Specifications: 

Rim Diameter: 6″-22″ External, 8″-4″ Internal

Maximum Tire Diameter: 50″ MAX

Maximum Rim Width: 14″ MAX

Wheels Handled: Steel, Alloy

Drive Systems: Air or Electric

Mount/Demount Mechanism: Swings away for better access

Bead Loosening System: Hand or foot controlled

Inflation Gauge: 0 to 60 PSI

Air Source: 110 to 175 PSI 5HP compressor, 14 to 15 SCFM @ 150 PSI

Chassis Footprint: 49″w X 48″d X 76″h

Net Weight 700 lbs.

HUNACEPRO Brake Lathe $12,950

The Hunter AutoComp Elite™ On-Car Brake Lathe system keeps your brake service a cut above the rest. This is the first brake lathe to introduce Hunter’s revolutionary Anti-Chatter Technology to provide a smoother surface finish. The AutoComp Elite™ virtually eliminates the buildup of vibration (chatter) that can occur when machining rotors at a fixed speed. The AutoComp Elite™ can service each rotor in less than nine minutes and also utilizes exclusive precision machining and Hunter’s patented Variable-Speed Drive System to service rotors at the fastest possible speed without sacrificing quality. Services passenger cars and light-duty trucks up to and including 1/2 ton.

Automatic Compensation

                      • Directly determines compensation and eliminates ‘wandering’
                      • Consistent compensation times average under 12 seconds

Touchscreen Interface

                      • Intuitive touchscreen interface simplifies lathe operation
                      • On-board training videos
                      • Adapter and vehicle specification lookup

Anti-Chatter Technology (ACT)

                      • Oscillates machining speed to prevent buildup of vibration (chatter)
                      • No bands or other devices required

Variable-Speed Drive System

                      • Avoid differential lock-ups by cutting at lower speed
                      • No need to disassemble drive train

Convenient Controls

                      • Control lathe operation via the on-board control panel or tablet interface
                      • Controls are always upright and easy to read on both sides


                      •  Track cutting bit usage to ensure cut quality and minimize expense

Precise Machining

                      • Unique, stepped cutting pattern prevents radial “push-out” effect
                      • True one cut pass
                      • No sanding needed

Reverse Rotation

                      • Service more vehicles with significant driveline drag
                      • Turn axles that can only be turned in reverse

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