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Associations Endorse OEM Procedures as Standard of Repair!

Post by Pat O'Neill, September 5, 2019, Tech Tips, Tips

The way collision repairs are completed has changed and is continuing to evolve. As a quality-focused repair shop, every repair should start with proper research of the OEM repair procedures. Vehicles are more complex. Using proper OEM procedures is crucial to building and sustaining a quality repair center. When you repair vehicles to factory standards, you are helping to protect yourself and your customer. You build your reputation as a shop that cares about quality and service.

With the OEMs creating guidelines and proper repair procedures for their vehicle products safety and functionality, it is crucial that a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that takes place in the industry as a whole. The most obvious reason for repairing to OEM specifications is that they know the vehicles best. Engineers spend thousands of hours developing vehicles and the repair processes that go along with them. They are the authority in repairs for their vehicles. There simply should be no compromise where safety is concerned. Properly followed OEM repair processes will restore vehicles to the OEM intended operating capability.

The Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) announced at their July 2019 board of directors meeting a collaborative effort with the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers, the Automotive Service Association(ASA) and a consortium of state and regional associations representing the collision repair industry to establish industry-wide recognition of the documented OEM repair procedure as the standard of repair.

As such, we support efforts that aim to ensure consumers are properly indemnified for repair operations and procedures in accordance with documented technical procedures to repair the vehicle as issued by the original vehicle manufacturer.

The statement and the full list of signing organizations can be found on the SCRS website at https://scrs.com/oem-procedure-position. For additional associations that wish to be added as an endorsing organization, email Aaron Schulenburg, SCRS executive director, at aaron@scrs.com.

Combining National Organizations with State Support represents the largest coalition of trade associations representing collision repair facilities across North America.

It is the position of all undersigned organizations that if a vehicle manufacturer documents a repair procedure as required, recommended or otherwise necessary as a result of damage or repair, that those published procedures would be the standard of repair. Disregarding a documented procedure that is made available to the industry creates undue and avoidable exposure to the consumer’s safety and liability to the repair facility performing the repair.

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