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SMART Technologies May Be Just What Your Shop Needs

Post by Pat O'Neill, October 2, 2018, Tips

It seems like technology is advancing faster than most can keep up with today. We all know there are early adopters who rush right out to buy the newest version of the iPhone and those who wait to see if the newest version has any bugs that need to get worked out before they jump in.

Are you a shop that’s not yet made the leap to welding technologies with SMART capabilities? If not, our Chesapeake Automotive Equipment team would like to take this opportunity to explain why you should take the leap.

Global Market Insights Inc. notes “rising technical, software, and electronic complexities associated with new generation vehicles is enhancing investments and expertise that are required in repair handling services. These factors are limiting the reach of small & independent businesses.”

While we realize the investment can stretch the boundaries of smaller shops, they’ll find the investment increases profits by reducing labor costs and waste providing greater revenue for their shops.

According to a Consumer Reports 2016 auto survey, “People feel more comfortable going to independent auto repair shops than to dealerships.” In addition, many vehicles on American roadways are aging and will need repairs as owners stretch the lives of their vehicles.

As a proud distributor of Pro Spot welding systems, we’d invite you to take a look at the company’s line of SMART welders to see if one might fit into your operation.

It’s newest, the i5 SMART Welder, features a new medium frequency trans-gun capable of delivering 14,500A with 1,243 lbs (565 daN) of electrode force. The i5 is designed to handle all new ultra high strength steels including Boron, etc. The operator can choose between two different modes AUTO and MANUAL for the two-sided spot welding. One of the most important features of the spot gun is its “double-acting” ability. Unlike any other trans-gun on the market, the i5 can spread the electrodes wide open with the push of a button without the operator ever having to remove his or her hands from their original positions. That not only saves time, but also assures that the operator doesn’t to have to alter their holding position in order to loosen and move the weld arm manually only to then re-tighten.

Pro Spot’s line of SMART equipment also includes the i4S SMART Spot Welder  which features built-in training and weld log reporting via email; the SP2 -SMART MIG welder, an ideal tool for shops that weld stainless steel and aluminum; and the SP-5 SMART MIG welder, the right tool for shops that weld stainless steel, aluminum and zinc-coated steel.

If you’re in Delaware, Maryland, northern Virginia, the West Virginia Panhandle or Washington, D.C., contact Chesapeake Automotive Equipment to learn more about the full line of Hunter alignment systems. Chesapeake Automotive Equipment provides top-of-the-line general shop and automotive equipment to commercial automotive-related businesses ranging from independent mom and pop auto collision and repair shops to heavy-duty repair facilities to auto dealership groups along the East Coast.

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