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Post by Pat O'Neill, April 30, 2019, Products

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In the market for a new lift for the shop or garage? Chesapeake Automotive Equipment offers a full line of Challenger Lifts to choose from. With so many lift types and models to choose from, it’s hard to determine where to start.

The space.
Before you start the hunt for a lift, you need to do some measuring. Walls, Ceilings, Slab Thickness on the flooring are areas you should focus on.

Which car lift?
Lifts come in a variety of configurations. For a good basic overview, check out the website of the Automotive Lift Institute. Figuring out which lift is right for you depends on what you plan to do with the lift and how much space you have for it.

Scissor-type or hinge-type. These frame-engaging lifts lie flat on the floor, allowing the car to drive over them.

Two-post surface lifts. This common frame-engaging lift design supports the vehicle’s weight with metal arms attached to two posts at the side of the vehicle.

Four-post drive-on lifts. These are wheel-engaging lifts with two runways on which the vehicle parks and four posts to support the runways as they rise, generally by means of a hydraulic piston pulling on heavy cables.

In-ground lifts. This ultra-deluxe frame-engaging lift design raises the car with two cylinders that rise out of the floor.

About Challenger

At Challenger, we’ve remained dedicated to designing, manufacturing and distributing the most advanced technological auto lift products in the industry. With infallible dedication to innovation, we’ve made important technological advances, including our revolutionary Versymmetric® design and directSPOT™ technology.

Challenger Lifts meets strict industry standards to bear the Gold Label of the ANSI Accredited ALI Certification Program. As an active board member of the Automotive Lift Institute (ALI), we promote high quality product standards and safe design, construction and use of vehicle lifts across the industry.

Here are a few products of the Challenger Lift line:

44012 Lube Rack

Challenger’s model 44012 4-post lube rack is optimized for efficiency. The rack allows one person to check fluids by standing on the diamond-plate catwalk while another is underneath the vehicle. We also offer lube racks in a dual configuration. This model features a staircase and catwalk that connects two lube racks. Brochure

18000 2-Post Lift

If you need a 2-post lift that can handle up to 18,000 lbs., Challenger’s model 18000 is a great choice. We designed the 18000 to service heavier vehicles such as trucks and fleet vehicles. Therefore, it features low-profile 2-stage front and 2-stage rear arms for symmetric lifting capability. Stack adapters come standard. For higher-profile vehicles, 2-foot column extensions are available. Brochure  Spec Sheet

EV1020 Inground Lifts

Challenger’s electric hydraulic cassette-style 10,000 lb. capacity inground lift meets the demands of professional service facilities. With a smaller footprint, your shop can maximize service bays. The EV1020 is available with either 3-stage front and rear arms or a fixed drive-on pad. Our added Quick Cycle models can rise in just 27 seconds and lower in only 17 seconds. Expand your service potential with our most versatile, easy-to-operate inground lift. Brochure  Spec Sheet

CL10-XP9 2-Post Lift

Challenger’s 9,000 lb. capacity CL10XP9 2-post lift offers a drive-on pad for the quickest vehicle spotting designed for express bays. Accurate first-try spotting will boost your productivity as well as reduce frustration in your shop. Quick Cycle™ models improve lifting speed to just 27 seconds rise and 17 seconds lower. Also, adjustable height and width options are available, making the CL10-XP9 the best choice for any service professional. Expand your service potential with our most versatile, easy-to-operate lift. Brochure  Spec Sheet

Looking for a specific model? Visit Chesapeake Automotive Equipment online for all your Challenger Lift needs.

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