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Refrigerant Management System for R-134A and R-1234YF

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Refrigerant Management System for R-134A and R-1234YF

Designed to meet today’s tough service standards, the YELLOW JACKET® Refrigerant Management System (RMS) 37840 for R-134a and 37860 for R-1234yf provide full cycle recovery/recycle/evacuate/recharge to bring the vehicle back to factory specifications. The easy-to-use, portable, full color interface walks you quickly through each step for easy operation and fast service.

Not ready for R-1234yf? Purchase the 37840 for R-134a today and we can update it to R-1234yf later with our optional (one time use) conversion kit.

To obtain pressure readings in a snap, each RMS unit comes with a YELLOW JACKET ManTooth Wireless Digital Pressure/Temperature Gauge so you can test the A/C system without losing refrigerant. The free downloadable app wirelessly calculates and displays the A/C system’s actual pressures in an easy-to-read color format on the RMS tablet, as well as iOS or Android devices.

Real-time remote support, including set-up/start-up assistance. With the system’s Window’s-based control tablet, we can remotely access your machine and provide training to show you how to use the machine and navigate the screens. All you need is a wireless connection. In addition, we can perform remote diagnostics, including using the tablet to take live video or photographs during the session if you need to show us something specific.


Quick Start Guide

User Manual – Android

User Manual – Surface Tablet

Spec Sheet



  • Certified to SAE J3030 (37840 includes SAE J2788 and 37860 includes SAEJ2843)
  • “Charge only” capability for R-134a (not permitted for R-1234yf per standards).
  • High- or Low-side charging.
  • Fully automatic air purging constantly monitors and purges non-condensables.
  • Fast tank refills with no hose changes.
  • 95% efficiency rating.
  • Maintenance reminders for oil/filter changes.
  • Automatic shut-off for full tank and high pressure situations.
  • Heavy-duty shock resistant scale for accurate charging.
  • Two-stage, 5 cfm vacuum pump for fast, high efficiency evacuation (7 cfm on 37844).
  • 1/2 hp oil-filled hermetic compressor for speed and reliability.
  • Fully factory tested – 34-point quality check.
  • Choose from high- or low-side charging for vehicles with only one service fitting.
  • For preventative maintenance, the machine alerts the technician to change vacuum pump oil and filters when due.
  • SAE J2843 for R-1234yf requires 98%+ purity for vehicle refrigerant in order to service the vehicle with any RR&R equipment. Contaminated refrigerant is to be recovered with an approved contaminated recovery device (P/N 37825) before service can be performed.
  • Meets standard requirements for vacuum pull control and system leak test.
  • Charge accuracy within 1/2 oz. (14 grams).
  • Automatic oil drain.
  • Tablet can print to existing shop printer (requires local area wireless network or USB cable – not included).
  • Digital on-screen pressure readings.
  • Built-in self diagnostics.
  • Touch screen keypad/interface.
  • Optional sealant traps.
  • Optional manual oil injector.
  • 120V operating system.
  • Run time hours tabulated for components.
  • Easy tank access for quick removal and changeout.
  • 50 pound storage tank (3784x) and 30 pound storage tank (3786x).
  • 10 foot hose (15′ on 37844)
  • One year parts and labor warranty (see warranty statement for exclusions). Tablet follows manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Lifetime technical support.
  • Patent Pending


  • Wireless, portable tablet for remote monitoring (can also be used for other business purposes).
  • Logging and storage of jobs for future reference and refrigerant usage.
  • Easy to store, built-in hose rack.
  • 10-foot premium YELLOW JACKET PLUS II™ hoses for easy connection to even hard-to-reach fittings – 25% longer than the standard (15′ on 37844).
  • 5 cfm vacuum pump capable of extended pull time periods (7 cfm on 37844).
  • Steel frame for high durability.
  • Large oil extraction reservoir.
  • Hang hooks for rags, tools, etc.
  • Large magnetic hooks to hold job jacket.
  • Four magnetic surfaces and magnets to mount notes/hold items.
  • Optional side bag with eight (8) pockets holds full sized notepad, two beverages, cell phone and more.
  • Large handles for easy movement.
  • Trays for pens, small parts, tools and other misc. items.
  • Flat area/ workspace.
  • Optional identifier located here.
  • 10-foot power cord.

W x D x H

19.5 x 29 x 45”

Weight w/o refrigerant

Approximately 220 lbs.

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