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PHS-101 Battery Operated Welder

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PHS-101 Hybrid Spot Welder

No 3-Phase required! Battery operated DC spot welding system with current monitoring. The Hybrid Spot now features weld current monitoring to show the operator how much current is delivered to each weld. The unit can also alert the user when the weld current falls below a preset level. The Hybrid Spot Resistance Spot Welder provides a great alternative spot welder where 3 phase power is not available or overloaded. The battery operated welder delivers high amperage DC weld current designed to produce powerful spot welds. No input power is required to operate the welder. The built-in charging system is capable of charging all batteries at the same time.


Component List

Hybrid Series – Battery Operated Welder

Convenient 110V/220V Auto-sensing outlet on back for easy re-charging! Can also be charged while welding. Load test of battery system included.

PS-500 Double-Acting Spot Gun

Push one button to open electrodes wide, then push the other button to close electrodes and weld. Pro Spot’s PS-500 Spot Gun System features electrode pressure over 600 Lb. with all extension arm sizes. I-CAR minimum recommended squeeze pressure is 400lb.

Extension Arms

Exchanging the arms on our weld guns is quick and easy.

The Hybrid comes standard with several different types of weld arm extensions (508mm U-Arm, C-Arm, Wheelhouse Arm) and others are available at request, so that you can tackle any welding problem with as much ease and accuracy as possible. From left: PS-503 600mm U-Arm, PS-305 508mm U0Arm, PS-306 C-Arm Deep, PS-403 X-Adapter, PS-302 C-Arm, PS-52-5/8 Wheelhouse Arm.

Front Panel

The PHS-101 features a simple and clean front panel layout, utilizing a weld control button and LCD screen to reduce power consumption maximizing the number of welds the PHS-101 is capable of handling.

  1. Weld Control Button
  2. System Display
  3. Air Pressure Gauge
  4. Air Pressure Regulator

Single-Sided Welding

The Hybrid is capable of handling a variety of single-sided welding needs, including:

  • Washer
  • Nut & Bolt
  • Nail
  • Rivet
  • Stitch

Technical Specifications

Input Voltage:110VAC
220VAC 1-Phase 5A
Welding Amperage:10,500A max
Cable Length:Input 8′ (2.5m) standard
Electrode Pressure:At 7 bar (90 PSI)-280 DaN (616 Lb)
At 8 bar (116 PSI)-320 DaN (720 Lb)
Cooling System:Air (2 fan) Compressed air
(weld gun and weld cables)
Dimensions:33″ x 23″ x 50″
838mm x 584mm x 1092mm
Shipping Weight:275 lb. (125 kg)


  • 4 Cable System
  • Double-Acting Spot Gun
  • Two Sided Spot Welding
  • Single-Sided Welding
  • Current Monitoring
  • Battery Operated
  • 600lb Squeeze Pressure
  • X-Gun Adapter (optional)

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