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What is ADAS?

The Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) uses image processing cameras, radar, light detection and ranging and other sensors to monitor vehicle surroundings and detect potentially dangerous situations. Purpose: to increase safety through advanced situational awareness and reduce collision possibilities.
Sensors used in ADAS include cameras, radars, lasers and ultrasound. They can detect light, heat, pressure and other variables used to monitor the state of vehicle. Usually they locate in the front and rear bumpers, side mirrors, vehicle cab and wind shield glasses.

What are the applications of ADAS?

When to use ADAS?

How to use MaxiSys ADAS?

What is ADAS Front-view Camera?

What is ADAS 360°Camera?

What is ADAS Radar Sensor?

How can I get the ADAS software?

What are the technology tools of ADAS and where are they in my vehicle?

What if my car is not in a horizontal position?

Which areas does Autel MaxiSys ADAS support?

What are the requirements for the calibration shop?

What are the requirements for the calibration surface?

Why is MaxiSys ADAS a comprehensive solution?

Which vehicle actions require ADAS system diagnostics or ADAS sensor calibration?

What is the easiest way to check the vehicle to confirm which ADAS modules are active?

How do I know if the ADAS recalibration was successful?

What are the different types of ADAS calibrations and are they brand specific?

What are the shop environment requirements for calibration procedures?

What vehicle preparation is required before performing calibration procedures?

How do I know what patterns and calibration procedures to use?

Does the MSADAS tablet provide other scan tool functions than ADAS calibration?

Do I need a new scan tool for ADAS calibration, if I already have an existing MS908 / MS908P / MS908S / MS908SP / MS908E?

Can I purchase just the ADAS application upgrade without the calibration frame to complete ADAS calibration procedures?

If I want to add individual targets or calibration tools later, are they available for purchase?

Depending on which vehicle systems I am concerned with, which ADAS calibration kit should I purchase?

Do I need someone to assemble and or set up the calibration frame?

Are training options necessary for working on ADAS calibrations?

What are insurance companies paying for calibrations?

Other than a clear 30 foot x 15 foot area, what are the other working shop bay requirements to complete ADAS calibrations?

What are the different types of ADAS calibrations and are they brand specific?

Can I activate multiple tool ADAS applications from one calibration frame?

What are insurance companies paying for calibrations?

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