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LRS Series L07RS–L29RS


The LRS Series product range goes from 7-29 kW. L07RS-L22RS (7-22kW) are belt driven units, while the L23RS-L29RS (22-29 kW) units are direct drive. All LRS Series compressors feature pilot controllers, robust inverter drives, 3600 TEFC motors, and quiet enclosures.


  • Using a variable-speed compressor can easily save 25% energy by using just the right amount of energy required to do the job and no more.
  • High-quality, sound-insulating enclosure panels, and a low-noise, thermostatically-controlled, motor-driven fan.
  • The state-of-the-art dual-position Pilot controller features advanced software and an easy to use interface.
  • Your sales, service and technical support needs will be handled quickly and easily by our extensive network of Champion factory-trained, authorized local distributors.



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