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Champion’s modular Filters-Regulators-Lubricators (FRL’s) are the perfect choice for the most demanding applications. By combining these three items, you receive standard 5-micron filtration, excellent regulator flow characteristics with minimal pressure drop and high-quality lubrication to your vital pneumatic components. The compact, flexible design allows for easy service while the patented Flow-Guide® ensures years of trouble-free operation.


  • Compact, flexible design
  • Easy to service
  • Manual drain – standard
  • Automatic mechanical drain – optional
  • Quick disconnect metal bowl with sight gauge and safety warning latch
  • Balanced valve design for superior regulation characteristics
  • Lubricator can be filled under pressure
  • Variable Flow-Guide™orifice maintains the constant oil-to-air ratio, regardless of airflow.


Champion industrial duty particulate filters are designed for the removal of solid contaminants down to 5 microns and the separation of bulk liquids. The optional coalescing filters are designed for protecting critical applications and expensive pneumatic equipment by preventing oil aerosols and sub-micronic particles from damaging expensive components. Champion lubricators inject an oil aerosol into the flowing air stream to automatically provide the proper amount of internal lubricant to vital pneumatic components. Champion heavy-duty air line regulators are a convenient and low-cost method of reducing a supplied-air pressure to the desired outlet pressure. The regulator transforms a fluctuating inlet pressure to a more constant reduced pressure which extends the life of pneumatic components and reduces energy consumption.

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