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Over 65 years of strong partnership and demand from the global car manufacturers has facilitated in cementing the technical know-how of CELETTE to deliver highly productive and innovative body repair equipment. The Legendary brand CELETTE has been the most preferred Collision Repair System in the industry. It’s design technologically developed products aim to offer solutions for repairing accident damages as well as to increase profitability of the body shop by reducing process time and the insurance man-hour time.

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  • Ozone (03) output: 5000mg/Hr
  • Negative ion: 8-10 Million
  • Ozone concentratoin: 15-25mg/L
  • Sterilizer rate 99.99%
  • Cooling type: air-cooled
  • input Supply: 220/110 Volt | 50Hz/60Hz .bbr>Weight: 37 KG
  • Dimension (LxWxH) cm: 55x40x126

Area of Application

Care Care Center | Body Shops | Auto Repairs: new car oder removal:leather smell, car indoor air purifier such as foul smell, and mouldy odor

Regular Car Maintenance: such as order removal, smoke removal, disease removal, air purifier, and solvent smell.


Support a clean and safe environment
during COVID-19 Pandemic

Celette was asked by some OEM’s weeks back if we could provide a system for vehicle Cabin Sterilization to make the customers feel more comfortable accepting their vehicles back after repair.

This is used when the customer drops of the vehicle to safeguard your employees, as well as after repairs and detail are completed to deliver a safe fresh smelling sterilized car back to your customer.

Easy to use System Steps

  1. Have the customer leave the car running with the air in recirculation mode
  2. Lower the driver’s side window 1 inch
  3. Place both houses in the open window
  4. Use a piece of 2-inch tape to seal the open window
  5. Push the start button

A. The TriOxyclean will run a 5 min concentrated Ozone O3 cycle to eliminate bacteria, viruses,mites as well as orders in the interior and the HVAC System.

B. The second 5-minute cycle starts “The Anion Cycle” negative ions Neutralize the airborne particles making them become heavy and fall to the ground instead of being inhaled into our lungs.

Then the Amber Yellow light turns off signaling you the car sterilization and purification process has completed its operation.

Speciality of Trioxyclean

Unlike other machine, No need to connect to the car cigarette lighter point which is just with 5A fuse and no hazardous to the car electronics or sensors.

When the machine is outside the car, it can absorber adequate volume of air from the atmosphere to generate OZONE.

Anion Technology neutralize the car cabin immediately after the OZONE sterilization cycle and -ve ion also gets attached to the small dust particles in the air and bond together to create dense dirt particles that cannot float in the air.

Post Anion purification the passenger is safe completely to get inside the car within 5 minutes.

Trioxyclean generate OZONE + ANION with corona discharge technology which is a patented technology, unlike the old ceramic technology.

5000 milligram / hr is the OZONE output, impossible for a small machine to generate if it is connected to the car.

15 – 25 mg/L is the OZONE concentration which makes the car sterilization and purification very effective.

CE certification.

In a corona discharge ozone generator, the electrical discharge will take place in an air gap within the corona cell designed specifically to split the oxygen molecule and produce ozone.

Trioxyclean Automotive range is with 5 min (OZONE) + 5 min (ANION) pre-set timer, it works automatically using interior the volume up to
10 cubic meter / 353 cubic feet.

  • Passenger bus 55 to 63 seats { 20min Ozone (O3) + 20min Negative ion anion } and wait for 20 min before entering the bus.
  • However, if you want to reduce the time for bus or mini bus then I recommend you to use two machine at the same time. But it has to be minimum 10 min + 10 min cycle.
  • Mini bus 20 seats { 15min Ozone (O3) + 15min Negative ion and wait for 15 min before entering the mini bus.
  • Van 9 seats {10min Ozone (O3) + 10min Negative ion } and wait for 10 min before entering the van.
  • CAR /SUV I have mentioned (5min Ozone (O3) + 5min Negative ion } and wait for 5 min before entering the car.
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