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Comparisons Are Futile.
No Other Spray Booth can Match the Performance and Versatility of Chronotech

What would a Chronotech say if it could talk?

Those who have tried me or own me know that it’s literally impossible to compare me with any other spray booth or ‘alternative’ baking system on the market today.

What is the secret for my success?

Well, in short–I feature an amalgamation of everything any shop would want from a spray booth–performance, versatility, efficiency and a wide range of cutting-edge capabilities that are unmatched in the industry.

People sometimes compare me with a Formula One racing car and maybe that’s why I am extremely popular with racing teams like Mercedes AMG Petronas, Red Bull and Ferrari.

Why, you ask? Because I embody the spirit of a champion and to them, a winning car is not the one that is quicker on straight aways, but the one that makes the greatest number of laps and finishes first.

In my world, this translates into options and increased flexibility; with more chances to use all of the components I possess within a system that offers me limitless solutions and unvaried short baking times.

If you’re a technical person, I could talk to you at length about a lot of things such as cycle inversion dynamic dampers, online customer assistance, humidity-based temperature regulation, warm-up operations or my Perfect Cure function that regulates the air volume.
That’s all nice, and of course I am willing to share that information, but if you’ve read this far, it means that you’re interested in only one thing – and that’s painting.

So, let’s talk about my Easy Paint System (EPS) that truly sets me apart. In short, EPS is my brain and provides users with a new and amazing painting experience where the booth sets the working rhythm and each job’s parameters helping the painter.

And I should also give some major respect to my DGT Manager, a system that allows me complete control, so that you will always receive precise data on my energy consumption in real-time for each job, including time reports for the single phases, operators and pieces. It makes me accountable and will show you quickly how much money I’m saving you on every car we paint together.

I’m currently available in three different configurations, in order to find the right solution for you:
DYNAMIC: Featuring DGTouch Lite control panel
ELITE: Featuring DGTouch control panel
SUPREMACY: Featuring DGTouch, EPS and DGT Manager software

To find out how I can help you in your production while saving you money, energy and time, contact the people at USI Italia today. I’m here poised and prepared to become an integral part of your business, so consult the USI experts and say Ciao to the Chronotech!

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