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HRRS Series H07RS

Oil-lubricated single-stage rotary vane technology 7kW (10HP)

The Hydrovane HRRS Series enclosed variable speed rotary vane compressor line offers first-class flexibility and reliability, and the smallest footprint of any rotary compressor in the industry. Slow speed direct drive operation, coupled with few moving parts means fewer components to fail and no power loss through belts or gears. The simple construction and grouped service components reduce maintenance costs.


The HRRS Series (available at 10 hp) includes all of the features of the fixed speed Hydrovane and is designed to consume the least amount of electricity to meet the air demand.

  • Direct Drive
  • Slow Speed: 870-2200 RPM
  • Low Noise
  • Small Footprint
  • Built-in EMC Filter
  • Line Reactor (Choke) Standard
  • Inverter Drive for Efficient VSD Operation
  • IP55 Electric Motor (TEFC)
  • IP21 Electrical Enclosure
  • Moisture Separator (Ships Loose)
  • Hydrovane Pro Controller
  • Reduced Energy Venting System (REVS)
  • Less than 3 ppm Oil Carryover
  • 87-150 PSIG


Powerful and Cost-Effective

  • Reduced Energy Venting System (REVS) for lower off-load power consumption
  • Easy and cost-competitive maintenance
  • 10 year Platinumâ„¢ extended warranty program


  • Up to 100,000+ operating hours due to its simple integral design
  • Delivering quality pulse-free air with automatic regulation
  • Low speed, direct drive, minimal stresses and no roller bearings to replace


  • Quiet in operation and can be located at the point of use
  • Air intake modulation produces only the air you require
  • Complete packages or separate air end


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