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CDT Series

Heatless Desiccant Air Dryers

CDT Series Heatless desiccant dryers open up a world of customizable performance opportunities with four standard ISO quality class levels of pressure dew points to choose from. Don’t settle for less than the ability to satisfy all of your requirements for clean, dry compressed air. A carefully engineered desiccant dryer design provides a reliable method to remove moisture as water vapor. With the option to add coalescing filters, solid particles, liquid water droplets, liquid oil, and oil vapors can be removed from the compressed air system in a reliable manner.


  • 40 – 5400 SCFM
  • Maximum working pressure: 150 PSIG standard; higher pressures available
  • Maximum inlet temperature: 120°F
  • Customizable dewpoints to -100°F
  • Large desiccant beds ensure consistent dew points
  • Three controller options
  • Packaged filtration – optional


Three Controllers to choose from:

  • Basic controller offers reliable fixed cycle operation.
  • Standard controller includes fixed savings potential with Purge Optimizer
  • Energy Saving Controller for exact automatic purge savings

Standard Instrumentation:

  • Left and right tower pressure gauges
  • Purge pressure gauge
  • Moisture indicator – alerts the operator of elevated dew point
  • Throttling valve provides accurate purge pressure adjustment

Optional FIL Series Filter Packages with Bypass Systems:

  • Convenient factory-mounted FIL Series prefilter/after filter packages with bypass available
  • Optional Element Monitors inform of optimal element change-out time

Large Desiccant Beds Ensure Consistent Dew Points:

  • 0.6 lbs (0.27 kgs) of desiccant per tower per scfm guarantees dry air
  • 4.8 seconds of contact time for saturated air with the desiccant
  • 30% extra desiccant provided to compensate for natural bed aging over the expected 3 to 5 years bed life
  • Large, cleanable, stainless steel flow diffusers ensure even flow distribution and eliminate channeling through the bed
  • Tower design saves 98% of the heat of adsorption

Reliable valves:

  • Shiftmatic valves (on CDT 40-3000) automatically shift to the low-pressure side of the circuit to control process flow on models.
  • Shiftmatic valve’s life has been tested to over 500,000 cycles with tough desiccant dust challenge
  • Position memory ensures drying continues, even with the loss of electrical power to the dryer
  • 5- year warranty on the shiftmatic valve. Parts and labor for the first full year of warranty.  Parts only in remaining years.  Appropriately sized
  • FIL prefilter must be installed at the same time the dryer is installed to qualify for the 5-year warranty.  Annual or more often element maintenance must take place to maintain the warranty for the 5-year period.
  • Three-way pilot operated solenoid valves manage the pilot air flow to direct the purge/repressurization valves.
  • Quality butterfly switching valves, models 4100 and 5400

Certified Designs for Safety:

  • ASME code constructed vessels complies with codes. Models 115 and larger are stamped.  Models are UL and CSA certified.
  • Pressure relief valves on each tower mounted after flow diffusers to prevent clogging
  • Heavy-duty mufflers for quiet operation
  • NEMA 4 electrical construction standard
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